Words from our CEO – April 2017

Once again, I am pleased to be able to address you through this letter, which keeps us connected to inform and share with you all the events and projects that WORLDCOB carries out.

This time, the Newsletter is loaded with a new BIZZNEWS portal, which informs the launch of our WORLDCOB BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2017, the same one that is already in its 12th edition.

I am very pleased to see that our Directory has become, in addition to a book of memories of all the events that occurred in the previous year, an important means of opportunities; This is because companies that are looking for some product and / or service internationally, find companies that are leaders in their sector and that have also been recognized, either for their business excellence or for being certified with Corporate Social Responsibility.

I am sure that you will be pleased, since it will serve you as a reference. If you want to see a digital copy of the directory, please click on this link: https://issuu.com/worldcob/docs/directory_2016-2017

However, if you prefer a physical copy, we suggest that you request it from our Service Area member.

On the other hand, I would like to let you know that we are a few weeks from the first THE BIZZ EUROPE 2017 to be held in the city of Bucharest. I’m sure it will be a success, and our production team has almost everything ready.

Also, I want to take these words to make a reflection of how we human beings are taking care of our environment. There are many cases we see today of cities that are undergoing climate change due to global warming.

It is important that we realize and analyze what we can do as companies doing socially responsible business practices. That is why, every year WORLDCOB promotes CSR, and within it of course, it promotes the care of the environment. I think we are in time to change the story and give a better world to our children and grandchildren.

Thanks to the fact that I am also part of the certifying team, I have seen impressive cases of how companies interested in being socially responsible have made changes with low cost and creativity, which has allowed them not only to care for and improve the environment, but also to sensitize its work team, being a multiplier effect for all.

Our WORLDCOB-CSR certification gives this possibility, challenging companies to improve our world. I encourage you to get a Pre-assessment and thus have a diagnosis of your situation with respect to CSR. I’m sure you may be surprised that with so little you can do so much.

See you soon and God bless you!


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