University of Rosario to co-organize Corporate Social Responsibility Meeting in Colombia

The University will be WORLDCOB’s Social Responsibility partner 



Corporate Social Responsibility is here to stay, together with the CSR Meetings organized by WORLDCOB. This tour of completely free business meetings brings together organizations, speakers, media, managers, CSR directors, interested members of the public and – for the first time – universities. 

WORLDCOB has had a continuous presence in Colombia since 2012, and now has been given a great opportunity to strategically partner with the University of Rosario to organize this CSR Meeting.

The University of Rosario (officially known as University College of Our Lady of Rosario) is a private university located in Bogota, Colombia. It was founded by Friar Christopher de Torres in 1653. It is one of the top universities in Colombia as well as in Latin America, according to QS University Rankings, with a distinguished history in the country’s political, economic and scientific fields. The Royal Botanical Expedition (begun in 1783) was led by prominent rosaristas such as José Celestino Mutis, Jorge Tadeo Lozano y Francisco José Caldas.

For the University of Rosario, University Social Responsibility (USR) is a mechanism for action, dialogue and interaction as well as an ethical, political, social, cultural, scientific and economic connection of the University to its surroundings. It is a principle mission that commits the University to Colombia and to society.

For more than 360 years, the University of Rosario has been on a long and important journey of commitment to fostering education and research in service of science, culture and country. For the University of Rosario, USR doesn’t mean philanthropy or altruism, but rather a real and conscious commitment as a knowledge organization to the country, its people and its history. It’s the cornerstone that guides and navigates their position with public, private and volunteer sectors; it is their strategy of ‘inter- agency dialogue’ with society that is demanded of them and which they owe to society historically; equally it is their strategy for fostering relationships and learning.


A completely new format has been prepared for this Corporate Social Responsibility Meeting, keeping the Colombian reality in mind, and includes participation from organizations such as Reconciliation Colombia, National Business Association – ANDI and Global Compact Colombia.


This CSR Meeting Colombia will be the first of the tour and will take place 3 November from 8 a.m. at the University of Rosario School of Law.

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