Top organizations join CSR Meetings

Organizations to provide free lectures on tour comprising Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina

Corporate Social Responsibility Meetings are set to take place in six Latin American countries, not only thanks to the World Confederation of Businesses, but also due to the involvement of some of the most prestigious universities in the region as well as highly influential international organizations in the countries hosting these events. 


The tour will begin on November 3rd in Colombia, with a keynote address by Ricardo Santamaría of Reconciliation Colombia, talks from GLOBAL COMPACT NETWORK COLOMBIA and from Liseth Beltrán of the National Business Association of Colombia ANDI.


The next meeting in Bolivia on November 9th will include a presentation by Carlos Alberto Moreno Saucedo, Partner & Director of Local to Global: Philanthropy & Sustainability.


November 11th in Peru: presentations from PETRAMÁS y UNICEF PERU.


November 16th in Ecuador: Economic Improvement Agency – CONQUITO.


November 30th: Ms. Daniela Perdomo Barragán from TECHO – Mexico.


And finally in Argentina, ending the tour on December 6th with UNICEF Argentina.


All of the meetings will include presentations from WORLDCOB and the universities co-organizing these events.


If you are interested in attending any of these free CSR Meetings, please register on our website

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