THE BIZZ was Awarded to an important ecuadorian company

The Credit Union and Savings Company “Fernando Daquilema” LTDA., originally from Ecuador was the winner of THE BIZZ . The award was presented at a private ceremony held in the city of New York, United States on September 30.

The Director of International Relations of WORLDCOB, Mr. Nicolas Caffaro delivered the award to this Company dedicated to financial intermediation services.

The Company received the BIZZ trophy in the inspirational category awarded to first time winners of THE BIZZ.

THE BIZZ award is the most important business award in the world. Its objective is to promote, recognize, and drive the development of Companies at a worldwide scale. This award is granted to the most outstanding Companies in the country and leaders of the business sector, as is the case of the Credit Union and Savings Company “Fernando Daquilema” LTDA.

To obtain this important recognition, the evaluation committee rates each applicant with a “Business Excellence Questionnaire”, which evaluates the following: Business Leadership, Management Systems, Quality of products and/or services, Business Creativity and Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Achievements and Recognition.

It is important to highlight that this award is presented each year at 3 gala ceremonies. However, you may choose to receive your award at a private ceremony, as in the case of The Credit Union and Savings Company, “Fernando Daquilema” LTDA.

We wish to once again congratulate the Credit Union and Savings Company “Fernando Daquilema” LTDA for such a well-deserved award.

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