CEO Message – May 2017

Dear members and readers

Today I must begin with sad news for the entire WORLDCOB family. I must communicate the sensitive death of our great friend, and Director of Business Development, Fernando Fiorotto. I invite you to read a BIZZNEWS article where I talk about him:

On the other hand, on 03 May of this year the first award ceremony, THE BIZZ EUROPE 2017, was held in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania. The event had as a preamble the recognition workshop conducted by our Director of Human Development, Mrs. Nancy Branger who performed it with great elegance and closeness. You can see a summary of the event and its photos in this link:

Soon we will be holding 2 more awards ceremonies. If your company has been selected as a winner and you have not yet confirmed your attendance, do not miss this wonderful opportunity and participate in THE BIZZ AMERICAS ceremonies in St. Thomas (26 and 27 July) and THE BIZZ AMEA in Dubai (November 15).

I also tell you, with great satisfaction, that in 2017 we have broken the record of greater applications from companies that want to be qualified for the award. This shows that we are working in a correct way to generate companies that are based on good business practices that can be recognized. If you believe that your company can demonstrate its business excellence, do not hesitate to postulate filling out the information of your company in this link:

Also, this year we will be organizing the CSR Encounters in two new cities for the first time, the historic city of Santo Domingo and the modern city of Dubai. I hope that if you live or are near these cities, do not miss the wonderful opportunity to participate in this Meeting of CSR.

Do not forget to become a fan of our pages of THE BIZZ and WORLDCOB-CSR. This way you will also have more current information about us.

I wish you an excellent month, and to continue the success. See you soon!

A hug in the distance!


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