CEO Message -January 2017

Dear members and readers of BIZZNEWS. –

Always at the beginning of a new year there is a new energy and now it is no different. This 2017 is very promising for our organization not only for the great projects we have but also for how we closed last year.

The beginning of the year always come loaded with a different energy. Seeing in the calendar the start of a new year is saw as a new opportunity to do things right.  We also see it as a new opportunity to meet new challenges or to take back some others as well.

As it is already of public knowledge, this 2017 we will have THE BIZZ ceremonies in the cities of Bucharest, Santo Tomás and Dubai (city to which we return after a few years). It is incredible that to date we already have more than 50% of space confirmed by the winning companies. If your company has been selected to receive THE BIZZ 2017 but you have not confirmed yet, do not run out of space!

Also, we are outlining the activities of each ceremony. So, we are working with our Director of Human Development, Lic. Nancy Branger, in workshops in which the objective will be to potentiate the networking and to continue highlighting the power of knowledge. We are sure that the companies that attend will be very satisfied with what has been achieved.

We are also planning the further RSE MEETINGS. Those will be carried out in the cities of Lima, Bogota, Mexico D. F., and, we will organize it for the first time in Guayaquil and Guadalajara. We sincerely thank all the Universities that have written to us this year so that we can work together in these new MEETINGS.

That speaks of the importance that has taken Corporate Social Responsibility for Latin American Universities, which is perfect for a good development in further businessmen.

Finally, I would like to say that we are already finishing with the last details of the new edition of the WORLDCOB BUSINESS DIRECTORY, Directory that is distributed in 50000 printings, in more than 120 countries.  In the next bulletin, we will have the news of the launch of the twelfth edition and the link of the virtual directory.

I recommend the note of the private ceremony that we held in Abu Dhabi and where we went to reward First Gulf Bank, in the framework of the National Housing Exhibition fair. This opportunity also serves to tell the winners that could not attend any of the three editions of THE BIZZ Awards of the year that WORLDCOB also gives the option of holding a private ceremony in their country.

I wish you the best of the beginning of the year, I wish you success and blessings for you all. Best regards!


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