CEO Message – September 2016

Dear members,


I hope that you are all doing well.


We are looking forward to presenting what will be the final THE BIZZ ceremony of 2016. For this event, we have chosen a spectacular location that’s worthy of our award: The Mandarin Oriental in Marrakesh. I am certain that the businesses who attend will be impressed by what our team has in store for everyone. We will include a press release in our next newsletter, along with photos and videos, to show you what happened during this magical event.


Just a few days after, we will launch THE BIZZ 2017. As is tradition for WORLDCOB, we have chosen impressive locations for these ceremonies. We will give you the details soon. Just to refresh your memory, in the past twelve years the awards ceremony has taken place in cities such as: Houston, New York, Punta Cana, Panama, Cusco, Rome, Mumbai, Orlando, Barcelona, Miami / Bahamas, Doha, Paris, Los Cabos, Dubai, Venice, Hawaii, Abu Dhabi, Athens, Las Vegas, Muscat, Monte Carlo, Washington D.C. and now, Marrakech.


We will start the selection process for THE BIZZ 2017 next week. We invite all interested businesses to go to our website and complete the questionnaire in order to nominate your own business or any other business that you feel stands out for their business excellence.


It is also important to note that November will be an entire month dedicated to social responsibility.  This is because we will be presenting, along with each country’s most prestigious universities, our CSR MEETINGS – events which enable us to promote a culture of social responsibility in business. We invite you to visit the WORLDCOB-CSR website to see when we will be coming to your country so we can send you a special invitation. I would like to take this opportunity again to encourage businesses and stakeholders that want to take on the challenge of CSR. Our certification process is as a convenient way to show the world that you are a socially responsible business.


I’ll close this note by wishing you all a very productive week. Best wishes from afar!


Jesus Moran



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