CEO Message – July 2016

Dear members and interested readers,

I write to you today with the joy of knowing that we will soon be meeting each other on the 30th and 31st of July at THE BIZZ AMERICAS 2016 to celebrate at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C. This will also be the opportunity for us to meet our new Elite Members – members that have faith in us and for whom we will do everything in our power to make sure they take full advantage of the benefits WORLDCOB offers them.

As is the norm during THE BIZZ AMERICAS we will have other activities available, such as the new WORLDCOB WORKSHOP, created and designed by our Director of Human Development, Mrs. Nancy Branger. This workshop is called “The Power of Recognition” – a very interesting topic fitting for the occasion. It will be recorded and uploaded onto our Youtube channel so that it can be viewed by all of our members worldwide. We will send you the link afterwards.

At this time I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the organizations, speakers and media outlets that have made our upcoming CSR MEETINGS possible – meetings which we have been organizing since 2011 for the purpose of further promoting Socially Responsible Business Culture. This year we are co-organizing these meetings with the most prestigious universities in Latin America, a fact which we are very proud of. We recommend that businesses in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico stay tuned so that they can participate in these events for free. In addition, we encourage you to get your business pre-evaluated so that you can make the decision to go through our CSR certification process – our WORLDCOB-CSR standard.

Finally, I wouldn’t want to end this message without mentioning how exciting the past few weeks have been for football fans (like myself). We had the Copa America Centenario right here in the USA as well as the UEFA European Championship. These events truly are a multicultural celebration. Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much – they make me feel something similar to what our events make me feel. An average of 50 countries from different parts of the world participate in THE BIZZ ceremonies – different races, religions and cultures – which make it a very special meeting that is very important to attend. In the 12 years these events have taken place we have seen not only business being generated but also bonds of friendship being created – bonds which still exist today. Everything that comes from these human relationships is one of the things we are most proud to have created.

See you very soon, and may your success continue,


Jesus Moran




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