WORLDCOB-CSR subsidizes the CSR Pre-Evaluation process

For WORLDCOB, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a highly relevant aspect of our management team. For this reason, we created the WORLDCOB-CSR standard that allows us to evaluate and certify companies with a high commitment to CSR policies while adhering to international standards.

Socially responsible companies are proving in absolute terms that they are more cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable than traditionally managed companies. Therefore, we actively promote different projects and programs to promote a more positive interest in addressing socially responsible business policies.

We have a pre-assessment tool that allows us to analyze the situation of the company related to the certification process. Based on an interview and subsequent investigation, a report is prepared that identifies the strengths and opportunities for improvement, with comments and recommendations to the party in question.

Currently, and with the goal to massively promote CSR policies around the globe, WORLDCOB is offering this process free of charge on a virtual platform. This will allow us to further increase the scope of our objectives and to reach a larger number of companies around the world.

To request a free Pre-Evaluation, please fill in the following form:

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