INTEGRADORA VERACRUZANA DE FRUTAS TROPICALES, S.P.R. De R.L. is a Mexican producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, with great and far-reaching success in the Aztec country.

Recently, the company has evaluated its processes and have received the WORLDCOB-CSR:2011.3 Certification for their responsible business practices with the environment and a clear objective to promote works of a social nature that gives back to the community.

Mr. Ulises Urrutia, Production Manager of the organization, granted us an interview where he shared his impressions of the WORLDCOB-CSR:2011.3. certification process.

1. What did you think of the certification process?

The certification body provided a lot of support during the entire certification process, which gave us the confidence as the implementing company, to achieve an international standard of certification in Corporate Social Responsibility.

2. What value did you recognize during the certification process?

The working environment in our company has improved significantly by strengthening policies that contribute to the improvement of both the conditions and the working environment.

3. What are the benefits of being certified?

The most important thing is to maintain the trust of our clients.

4. Brief description of your company

INVERAFRUT is a Mexican company that originates in one of the most important tropical fruit regions located in the state of Veracruz. It is also one of the most important producers and exporter of fruits and vegetables like: Persian Lime, Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Gray Squash, Valencia Orange, Avocado, and Habanero Peppers among others no less important.

5. What are the goals of your company?

To improve and maintain our standard of quality, availability, and the security of exportable goods that we offer to our clients.

6. What are the competitive advantages of your company?

INVERAFRUT’s goal is to maintain a good relationship with our clients, resolving their doubts or any issues that could arise, satisfying their needs, offering constant support, and shipment tracking services.

7. What do you think CSR improves in companies?

The satisfaction of our clients and our collaborators. Also, a positive image and consumer loyalty.

8. What value did you recognize during the process of obtaining the WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certificate?

It is important because it allows us to consolidate our brand in the market.

9. What are the benefits of being certified in CSR?

The trust of our clients and our collaborators’ quality of life.

10. What would your message be for companies interested in obtaining a certification in Social Responsibility?

The WORLDCOB-CSR certification is a great opportunity not only for the company but also for our collaborators. It engenders a friendly atmosphere and wellbeing in their quality of life, which is then reflected in their families.


Institutional Information:


Country: Mexico

Company representative: Mr. Ulises Urrutia

Position: Production Manager



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