any s subsidiary. Henry heard it, could not help PMP it exam but curse. In the future the world s most profitable singer Taylor Swift actually from their own company left Listen, no matter what you use, immediately the acquisition of the big machine record company, must b.e Taylor Swift signed to the company s, even if it is given the most favorable conditions Henry said in a very serious tone The other side surprised a moment, but flew back to God, Chen Sheng said Yes, His Majesty, to ensure the completion of the task Well, that s it Then, Henry hung up the phone. Taylor Swift not only looks beautiful, seductive, and PMI Certification excellent creative ability to be unparalleled, is definitely superstar The The People talked about is that she will always write his own boyfriend inside the song. Henry shook his head, thought, do not write myself into it. And so will buy a large machine album, then she got the Williams empire, and joined the Williams empire nationality. 16 PMP year old mold should be ve.ry simple, Henry secretly guess, after all, she was young, too late to fall in love, and just debut, be

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